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Mr. Ajay Singh

The institute is venturing to translate two principles into practice, under the guidance of Shri Ajay Singh chairman and Shri. Ranveer Singh president. A sound/ technical educational system is the sheet-anchor of a healthy and progressive society. The society extends its full patronage.
Focusing on the overall development of the students we are continuously on the move to make our students self-reliant, dutiful, disciplined and socially responsible citizens of two years to come
As for the plans for future developments are concerned a new three storey building has been constructed to start with some new courses in the forth coming session.
We will promote an open, honest and participatory administration where mutual trust is earned. We will endeavor to decentralize authority and empower our departments, faculty and staff so that decisions can be made by those closest to the point of focus.
Authority and responsibility will be coupled we will endeavor to align the goal of the college departments and faculty.

We will employ the following engineering methods to our administration:-

  • Embrace technology us it applies to our business.

  • Evaluate progress towards goals using meaningful measurements of outcomes.

  • Continually improve our methods of operation.

  • Function with an understanding of the importance of timely and thoughtful action.


I extend a very warm welcome to the entire student who wishes to join GVN Polytechnic from academic session 2017-18.

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